wavesplatform mining and leasing

Mining and Leasing
Waves protocol enables you to collect WAVES from staking it, which exists in the form of mining and leasing.
Mining and Leasing
Waves Platform enables you to collect a revenue from staking WAVES, which exists in the form of mining and leasing.


Mining is the process of confirming transactions, writing them to blocks and collecting a block generation reward for it.

WAVES mining is accessible to just about anyone. Unlike Proof-of-Work mining, you don’t need any expensive equipment. Al you need is an installed Waves node and a balance of at least 1,000 WAVES.

Mining is proportionate to the miner’s stake, which can be increased by attracting leased WAVES.

How to install node


Those for whom the installation and running of a node is a problem, can still cash in by leasing their WAVES to other nodes.

Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) enables WAVES holders to profit from their tokens while retaining full control of their funds.

Users can lease their WAVES to mining nodes, as higher stakes mean higher chance of generating a block. In turn, miners share their block rewards with providers of leased tokens.

How to lease

Leasing scheme

Miners run nodes to secure the Waves network and get WAVES for block generation.
Their rewards depend on the amount of WAVES they use to mine. The more WAVES, the greater their chances to generate a block.
Regular users can lease their WAVES to miners from client applications available in the ecosystem, thereby increasing the amount of tokens they can use for further leasing, without giving up control of their tokens.